Mediation is an informal and confidential way for people to resolve disputes with the help of a neutral party who is trained to help people discuss their differences, and seek a resolution that is acceptable to all sides. The mediator does not decide who is right or wrong, or issue a decision. Instead, the mediator helps the parties work out their own solutions to problems.


One of the greatest benefits of mediation is that it allows people or businesses to resolve their disputes in a less confrontational way and in ways that meet their own unique needs. Also, a case can be resolved faster, and less expensively through mediation than through trial. Mediation is fair, efficient, and can help the parties avoid a lengthy and costly litigation.


For over 25 years, Attorney Justin Madden has handled and tried civil litigation cases across the State of Ohio, primarily in the areas of personal injury, nursing home and medical malpractice, business and non-compete disputes, and other disputes. He has been lead counsel or co-counsel on several trials resulting in Jury verdicts in his client’s favor in excess of one million dollars.


In the last 6 years, Justin has also served as a mediator for more than 220 cases to date in disputes involving personal injury, malpractice, business disputes, adjacent property-owner disputes, workers compensation, and general disputes. Justin is asked frequently by the Geauga County Court of Common Pleas to mediate cases on their docket as part of its Mediation Program, and he has also conducted numerous mediations privately for two or more parties.


In 2018, Justin was honored to join Jeff Wilkof’s mediation group – ATTORNEY MEDIATION SERVICES, LLC – as their newest Mediator. Parties wishing to have Justin Madden mediate a case for them can call Karen at Attorney Mediations Services LLC – 330.453.6344 – to schedule the mediation.





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