"My mom died as a result of a mis-manufactured medication.  My siblings and I did not know where to turn until we found Justin.  He met with all of us, traveling to us instead of making us go to him.  He explained our case to us and fought for us until he got the best settlement we could have hoped for.  Through it all, he spent so much time explaining our case to us that we kind of became family.  He is our lawyer for everything now; that's how much we think of him."

   P.S.  Ashland, Ohio


"We had nowhere to turn.  We wanted answers but no one would talk to us.  We were convinced someone would destroy the evidence in our case.  So we asked Justin Madden to help us.  He was great.  He attacked immediately, got control of the evidence, and directed the case.  Suddenly we felt like we would get justice after all.  He wouldn't let go. He kept pushing and pounding. In the end, we had control.  We decided whether or not to settle, and for how much.  It was such a difference from where we began."

  J.D.  Mt. Vernon, Ohio



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