Prescription and Medical Errors



Prescription Errors:

Prescription medications have become a billion dollar industry in this country, yet pharmacies remain overworked and understaffed. When prescription errors occur, either due to mismanufacture, or being misfilled by a pharmacy, the unsuspecting victim can suffer horrible if not fatal consequences. Recently, Justin Madden was part of a multi-plaintiff lawsuit against the manufacturer of a heart medication, which was mismanufactured to double the intended dosage. The effort recovered over $4,000,000 for victims nationwide.  Justin also helped an Ohio patient whose prescription was misfilled by a local pharmacy, leading to four days of hospitalization.  The case resolved for $50,000.


Medical Errors

In most cases, patients receive good medical care.  And although bad results do occur occasionally, the result is not always due to medical malpractice.  Surgical errors, however, especially where foreign objects are left in the patient after surgery, and have to be surgically removed, are the kind of preventable medical mistakes that even Medicare and Medicaid will no longer pay for.  Justin Madden has helped several patients who suffered from having sponges, gauze pads, surgical towels, and even a scalpel left in them recover compensation from $50,000 to as much as $1,100,000. 


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